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Ceres Unified School District

Volunteer Assistant Program

Welcome Volunteers! 

Ceres Unified School District encourages parents, guardians, and members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities to support our students and our schools. We believe school volunteers enrich educational programs and strengthen our schools’ relationships with families, businesses, public agencies, and private institutions.

To ensure and enhance the safety and well-being of CUSD students, CUSD will be using an online Volunteer Application through the Raptor Program. CUSD will be implementing the volunteer approval process for Supervised, Unsupervised and Pre-School Volunteers. All volunteers will need to fill out new applications every year. TB clearance is required to be uploaded for all volunteers, additional information may also be required. 

Please allow 3-5 business days for applications to be processed. 

The volunteer application is not formatted to be filled out on a cell phone, if you need assistance filling out your application please contact the school you are applying for and someone in the front office will be happy to assist you.

Volunteer Application Form - English
Volunteer Application Form - Spanish

“Supervised” school volunteers can have occasional or regular contact with students in or outside of the classroom. Supervised Volunteers perform their volunteer work under the supervision of an approved school employee, including one-day field trip chaperones. 

“Unsupervised” school volunteers have direct and on-going contact with students. These volunteers perform most of their volunteer work under the supervision of an approved school employee. Unsupervised Volunteers are approved to have extended unsupervised direct contact with students. Examples of Unsupervised Volunteers include one-on-one tutors, volunteer athletic or band helpers, and overnight fieldtrip chaperones.





Classroom volunteers, one day field trip chaperones, etc.

TB clearance and completed raptor application

Unsupervised Volunteer

Overnight field trip chaperones, volunteer athletic/. band helpers, etc

TB clearance, Fingerprint verification, completed raptor volunteer application

State Preschool Volunteers

Volunteer for State Preschool

TB clearance, immunization record, flu vaccine or flu waiver and completed raptor application

We appreciate and thank you for the valuable service you provide our students! For further information, please contact Child Welfare and Attendance at (209) 556 1540. 

Current CUSD students are exempt from this process.